Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Military Always Wins

I should be, and am, grateful that my husband has a job. That I have a job. But his job has two parts: the regular job is an instructor for the military, and the national guard part, which is one weekend a month, two weeks a year. Except that as an instructor his schedule varies depending on the course. And the one weekend a month may piggyback another weekend because technically they're different months. And the two weeks is actually three weeks in this particular unit.
I work full time. In retail.

How on earth do we have 2 kids and a marriage?
I actually joke that the reason we've made it 10 years is that we never see each other: thanks, Army!

Anyhow, he was able to come home for two nights last week, and will be home in maybe another week for a night.
Until then I'm a single mother, leaning on her in-laws for childcare support in addition to the full-time daycare/prek that I pay for.

And now I'm off to play with my boys before running off to work.

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