Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spring is a Coming...or is it just the hormones?

Since I had a nice weekday off with no appointments, specific errands, or unfun things to do I decided to create some errands and then have a nice day of brunch and shopping with my friend.  The sun is out and I feel like I got a ton of things accomplished, so all in all it was a pretty pleasant day.  Granted I now have the unfun things to do:  dinner and laundry.  WOO.

Things had been rough.  I don't hear from Tommy a whole lot, and he happened to call at the end of a long day last weekend, which left me kind of upset.  I think it's just because I have so much happening soon, and I don't have him to discuss it with.  For instance, when he gets back from Iraq, he has no job.  They got rid of his position.  (Funny how civilian companies have to hold your job while deployed yet the PA National Guard got rid of his.  haha  *sarcastically*)   (and realistically, he's going to have a job.  He has 3 options as of right now.  but still...) Also, in June we are having a baby.  And I won't be working for 16 weeks.  And though he makes more than I do...I do contribute a nice chunk to the household.  Especially for my spending habits.  (haha *not sarcastic*)  And I will be going back to work probably just before he comes home from Iraq.  Joy.
Anyhow, with being pregnant, worrying about all those things, running the house, taking care of my 3 year old, trying to keep it together at work 40 hours a just added up into a little bit of me feeling all *woe is me* and I just needed him to understand, and it didn't seem like he did.
So what did I do?  I wrote a lot of really mean emails, BUT didn't send them.  Luckily.  Because my poor, amazing husband wouldn't have needed any of that.
And then ta-da he called Monday morning, and everything is wonderful, and I've had the greatest week.

In other news, I think this kid has tripled in size in the last 3 days.  Suddenly I can't sit straight.  I have to have this gangsta-lean.  I thought I'd take pictures, but I'm only just showing, so maybe I'll try to find a good setup to take some photos.  Nothing like documenting this miracle, eh?  :)  Especially since this is DEFINITELY the last addition for our little family.

I had a Frappucino today.  It was delicious.  Caffeine and all.  Damn you modern science and your rules for preggos!  Paired with the 50 degree temp, I was motivated to clean leaves up from the side of the house and sweep out the garage.  I now have to figure out what to do with 2 large bags of leaves that apparently the city won't pick up.  And doesn't have a green dump for.  Yeah.  Smart, right?  Now I'm going to get all Holly Homemaker and make dinner, do some laundry, and bake banana bread.