Saturday, May 30, 2009


My life has been insane.  Absolutely flippin' insane.  :)  In a good way I guess.

I'm currently 38 weeks pregnant.  I'm scheduled for an c-section on Friday...I'll be exactly 39 weeks pregnant then.  It's weird, though, because when people ask when I'm due, and I inform them that I have a scheduled section on June 5th, I always get "why?".  How about F you?  So then I end up explaining it so they don't judge me:  My son was an emergency section, I was given the option, I have a 3 year old to take care of, my family is in Tennessee, my husband is in Iraq, the girl that is going to be acting in my position can't start until Sunday May 31st, I'm also getting a tubal...  So yeah, lots happening all at once and yes, given the option I decided on scheduling it.  It's really frustrating to get.  You'd think I'd just answer "oh, I'm due the 5th but we'll see..."  but no, I get offended and want people to know they're intruding.  So give them WAY too much info.  hahahaha.

Since I found out I was pregnant, my mother (in Tennessee) has gone on about how she'll be up here with me for a month after the baby to help.  So I call the other day to confirm this, since my mom has a horrible habit of forgetting what she's told me and I've planned for, and suddenly creates other plans.  She actually doesn't clue in anyone that is on a trip with her.  I don't know how many times she's been up to visit and everyone thinks they're staying for 5 days, and on day 3 she's like, so we're going home tomorrow, and starts a familial riot.  I have figured out that this is the real reason they don't like to fly anywhere.  If they have tickets they're locked into a date.  

Anyhow, so she lets me know that she and my two cousins are showing up Tuesday night sometime.  (Mind you Wednesday I go to the hospital to preadmin, and Thursday night at midnight check in for my surgery Friday.  OH and since my mom was coming up to spend quality time with my son before the baby came, Tuesday is his last day of daycare).  That the one cousin will be leaving Saturday.  That the other cousin doesn't want to be here more than 2 weeks because he'll be bored.  So she plans on being here the week of my baby and the week after.  Never mind that she was supposed to come here to HELP ME since for two weeks after surgery I can't drive or lift anything heavier than the baby.

Anyhow.  My biggest fear about being the stay at home mother of 2 for five months is that I have no clue how to be a stay at home mom.  I don't know what to do that's going to still provide a schedule, healthy meals, fun times, projects, and get the 3 year old ready for preschool in the fall.  I turn on my stove like 2 times a week as it is now.  Now I am going to have to make meals on a budget (since I won't be paid for 3 of the five months...).  

So I guess I'll be internet searching that.  Granted I have other things to be done.  For instance cleaning up all the clutter in my life between now and Tuesday (since it'll only happen successfully while Dyl is in daycare...).  

I have no clue what my point was starting this...  but there it is.  

Blog update.