Thursday, May 5, 2011


It's May 5th in NEPA and I still haven't put away the winter coats and boots. Ridiculous, right? I keep forgetting that the weather is supposed to be nice, that we're almost to summer.

We signed D up for tball. I wanted to, and talked to every mother I knew about it, but kept putting it off. We are using hubs' aunt's address to be in the league (the only one I could find a number for) and since we were late registerers (?) are part of what I can only call the "bad news bears" team.

The upside is that D has met some other kids he likes, and I've met a few mom's. The downside is that these kids will all be going to Kindergarten at a school that is not where D will be going. Ooops.
Big upside? We've made new "family" friends. The family consists of husband, wife, 9 yr old son, 5yr old daughter, and 3 year old son. The husband and mine get along. The mom and I get along. Their youngest and my youngest get along. D gets along with both middles. And the girl seems to like me pretty well, too.
They're from out-of-state and renting a house in a gated neighborhood, so I'm sure they're in quite the culture shock with the league we're in!
That and the coaches. OY VEY, the coaches. I will say that I appreciate that these two women have taken the time out of their lives to volunteer. Which is probably the only thing keeping me from LOSING MY SHIT every time we see them.
Their boostmobile phones don't always have minutes. They bicker and fight (they're girlfriends) in front of the kids. Apparently the other day they were talking about crawling out of the bar and then being late to pick up their foodstamps. When it rains they complain about walking home in the rain. All in all, I know way to much about these damn women. WAY TOO MUCH. I just want them to show up, have practice, be nice to the kids, and we'll all be on our way.
Instead... chatter, chatter, yell, yell, (at each other. wait til it's the kids)... they're the coaches so there I go.
(on days hubs is able to make it, he does start practice and create some format for the day. we just turned in his volunteer application and he got a jersey. assistant assistant coach tom?)

In other news I'm trying to be a runner. I've run 9 times in 3 weeks. I've got a 36minute 2-mile thing going on this treadmill we bought of my sister-in-law. I ran it IRL the other day on a trail and hit 2miles in 26minutes.
I haven't lost a single pound.
I don't think this "5k" idea of ours is going to work out anytime soon.

Phillies baseball is in full swing.
That's always awesome.

So there's my spring. Off to the zoo tomorrow with four kids and my new friend.